Should We Fear The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

We should indeed fear the threat of those who possess a weapon of mass destruction, especially if they have fallen to the wrong hands, (i.e terrorist) The effect of using it as against humanity would mean a loss of not just hundreds but millions to billions of lives… though it is indeed fearing just to […]

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To Well Known Weapons of Mass Destruction in History

From the Atomic Bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagazaki, to the nuclear testings of the French during the 90s, to the antrax scare after the 9/11. The Weapons of Mass Destruction have been used as a clichĂ©d on weapons or contents that could kill or destroy a huge number or people in an area.. Let […]

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Oil; The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Throughout the last several decades oil has been the world’s essential source of energy. The success of the world economy depends fundamentally on the accessibility of oil supplies at a reasonable cost. Recently new discoveries and enhanced recovery routines have added to the diversity of hydrocarbon resources, especially from the North Sea and the Caspian […]

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